Look well to the spine for this is the requisite for the cause of disease.     Hippocrates


What Is Chiropractic?

chiropractic? [chiro- + Gr. prassein to do] A nonpharmaceutical, nonsurgical system of health care based on the self-healing capacity of the body and the primary importance of the proper function of the nervous system in the maintenance of health; therapy is aimed at removing irritants to the nervous system and restoring proper function. The most common method of treatment is by spinal manipulation and is primarily done for musculoskeletal complaints; other methods include lifestyle modification, nutritional therapy, and physiotherapy. Merksource




America Chiropractic Association FAQ

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We feature the Ty-Tron C-3000, the paraspinal thermal imaging that is safe and reliable diagnostic test that measures the balance of heat emitted from the body?s surface- without the use of radiation. Since the health of the nervous system can affect your overall health and fitness, this diagnostic tool provides critical information that will allow the practitioner to have a better understanding of your general health. The process is based on the analysis of the body?s surface temperature along the spine. The significance of these thermal differences indicates the presence of abnormal nervous system function.